VIA is more than a name; Values-Intentions-Approach describes our philosophy in working with clients:

Finances are about more than numbers.  How a family grows, protects, utilizes, and disperses its wealth is a reflection of their collective and individual values, and therefore a family’s values are foundational to our work.


A family’s intentions are the manifestation of their values and evolve as the family’s circumstances change in a dynamic world. 



Our approach starts with our understanding of a family’s values and intentions, and together we set specific goals.  We then architect a personalized, comprehensive, and robust financial strategy that integrates not only the investment strategy but also the critical components below:

  • Cash Flow & Debt Management

  • Tax Planning & Strategy*

  • Education Planning

  • Philanthropic Planning

  • Wealth Transfer and Asset Protection Planning 

  • Elder Family Member Financial Analysis and Consolidation

  • Insurance Planning

  • Financial Launch of Adult Children

  • Executive Compensation Strategy and Analysis

  • Other


Money Milestones™ Framework

Life events can have a significant impact on the appropriateness of your financial strategy.  The Via Global team is expert at working with families around life’s inflection points (or Money Milestones) to ensure that their wealth management strategy incorporates and reflects the new reality.

Life events can be triggered by an external event (such as a change in tax policy) or one that is more personal (like the decision to sell a family business.)  

To help your family navigate change, and ensure you’re your strategy remains appropriate, we rely on our proprietary Money Milestones framework, which we have developed over 20+ years of working with families.

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