Our Relationship Is Customized Based

 On Your Investor Type

Your investor type describes how involved you want to be with your finances, especially investments. 

Determined by two primary behaviors(1): 

  • Your reliance on advisors

  • Whether or not you proactively gather information about investing


According to this construct, there are four general investor types:  Avoiders; Directors; Validators; Delegators.

Needs: Information, value, speed, and control

Description: Take financial decisions on their own; seek best products and prices


Needs: Information, value, advice, reassurance, and a trusted relationship

Description: Interested in finances; seek advice on complex decisions

Needs: Advice, good service, and a trusted relationship

Description: Bored or confused by finance; want others to help with decisions


Needs: Simplicity

Description: Neglect their finances; distrust firms and advisors; risk averse


Investor type also varies by the nature and purpose of the assets: assets in long-term family trusts vs. personal “nest egg” versus philanthropic assets versus “cocktail party conversation” assets.


Spouses are often different types of investors as are other family members.

(1) Source:  Forrester Research, Inc.

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