Via Global focuses on factors that families can control or influence


Taxes - Marginal Income Tax Bracket

Monitor marginal income tax trends and provide strategic income planning based on current taxation rates.

Fees Paid for Investment Vehicles

Evaluate and select investment vehicles (mutual funds, ETFs, private equity, private real estate, etc.) with a focus on minimizing fees and expenses on investments.


Evaluate and discuss spending output to create a plan that helps you understand and manage your financial expenses. 

Burden of Investment Administration (Tax Reporting, ex. K1s)

Provide investment documentation and administration to reduce the time and energy required for filing taxes and record keeping. 

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Articulate Financial and Non-Financial Objectives

Articulate financial and non-financial objectives, especially around transitions, such as selling a business, retirement, or welcoming a grandchild into the family. Unique factors considered also include risk tolerance, investment time horizon, income tax status, and liquidity needs.

Asset Allocation and Asset Location

Formulate, based on your defined objectives, asset allocation and “asset location” strategies as well as cash flow management and wealth transfer plans. Strategic asset allocation targets are dynamically adjusted based on fundamental and technical factors to try to avoid bubbles and capitalize on panic selling.

Taxes – Timing of Capital Gains Realization

Influence and minimize the impact of income taxes by timing the realization of capital gains and losses. 

Liquidity of Investments

Manage liquidity to provide investment accessibility based on your specific needs and circumstances. 

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Market Direction and Volatility

Monitor market direction and volatility, but without over emphasis on market timing, “Beating the Market,” and other factors not within our control. 

Rate of Inflation

Track current inflation rates and trends. Inflation  and deflation rates are not a factor within an investor's control, therefore hedging for both is central to portfolio construction process.

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