Frequently Asked Questions

What types of clients do you serve?

The vast majority of the families with whom we are privileged to work lead very full lives (professional endeavors, children, aging parents and extended family, philanthropic/community involvement, and wellness). They work with Via Global so that they can spend more of their finite 365 days per year on the things that matter most to them.

How do you interact with my other advisors?

To optimize the guidance we give your family, we welcome collaboration with your other advisors. Most of our clients have limited time to focus on transferring information and coordinating details across their advisors and rely on us to handle that critical role.   These advisors often include estate planning and other attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers (life and property/casualty), and for our clients who are senior executives, valuation experts, corporate general counsel, and other C-suite professionals, as appropriate.

Indeed, we subscribe to “Joy’s Law”:  “No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else… it is better to create an ecosystem that gets all the world’s smartest people toiling in your garden for your goals.”  (Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems’ co-founder.)

Do your wealth management services include management of education, retirement and charitable accounts?

Yes, absolutely as we take a broad view of your financial assets.  One of our key deliverables is a comprehensive Financial Snapshot that details assets in your estate (marketable securities, illiquid assets, business interests, 401ks and other retirement accounts), tangible assets (such as personal real estate and art) as well as assets outside your outside your estate (including 529 plans for college savings and charitable entities). 

How are you compensated?

We offer flexible pricing arrangements based on the scope of services you require, the complexity of your particular situation, and how you prefer to work with us. Our pricing structure is based on what is most appropriate for you and is either a percentage of assets under advisement, an annual retainer, or a combination of both.  Fees paid by our client families are our only revenue source as we do not sell any investment or insurance products. We are fiduciaries and not paid product fees. 

Who serves as the custodian of my assets? (aka Where do my assets live?)

Via’s preferred custodians are Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab & Co.  A custodian holds our clients’ marketable securities (stocks, bonds, and cash).  More specifically, a custodian settles transactions, collects dividends/interest, and generates monthly statements and tax documents. Clients generally authorize Via Global to act on their behalves in transactions with their custodians.  Unlike some other firms, we do not self-custody because we think that a self-custody arrangement does not serve our clients’ best interests.

If I decide to work with Via Global, how will the transfer of assets work?

A key part of learning about your current situation involves understanding where your assets are currently held, your tax situation, and any other relevant details.  With that background, we create a thoughtful, tax-sensitive transition plan.  We are typically able to consolidate the majority of a family’s current (marketable) investments to one of our preferred custodians without liquidating them (and triggering transaction costs and tax realization).    

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